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Richard Kitchen - Owner

1204 Hodge Road
Knightdale, NC 27545


About RK RADIO Electronics

Hello and thanks for checking out my website. Just a little background info about me and what I do to recondition your rotators and controllers.

I first started in this area of repairs in 1985. At that time word of mouth was the only way to really get the word out. So two way radio communications was working very well. Since I do all the total reconditioning of all rotators and controllers myself, I am totally committed to quality and service. Now that the internet is a very strong way to get the word out to many more customers, I have made this site available to you. I hope to have your business as the word gets around.

Please tell others that you have found a service that delivers "Quality and Service".

I treat every reconditioning as if it were mine to use for many years of service. All bolts and hardware that are external to the elements are Stainless Steel and all parts are OEM to the rotators and controllers.

When it won't turn, give me a call.

NOTICE: Any rotors and/or controllers sent for repair and/or service. Must be paid for within 30 days from time you are notified of completion of repair. This is due to constant price increases and part supply. Any rotors and/or controllers not paid for within 30 days of notification will be deem abandoned and be sold to take care of the cost of parts and repair time.

Richard Kitchen
KD4NMI/B ... 50.060 cw
KD4NMI/B ... 144.300 cw
KD4NMI/B ... 146.950 fm ... SSTV ( Only during band openings )